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Tempered glass
Screen printed glass

Giga-Glas! is a specialized supplier of tempered and heat strengthened float glass. We have all the necessary knowledge of safety glass. Heat Soak Testing is also one of the possibilities Giga-Glas! can offer. The countless realized projects in combination with well-established companies makes Giga-Glas! THE contact partner for all your demands.

The glass is produced according the required CE certifications.

There is no other material that has so many applications and beautifications as glass. Logo’s, fully enameled panels, plural silk-screen prints, RAL colors or a metallic execution and even printing where no light will come through can be produced. The possibilities are almost unlimited.


Laminated glass
Bent glass

Safety standards advice more and more to use a form of laminated glass when it comes to safety glass. Giga-Glas! has the knowledge and experience when it comes to all kinds of laminated glass: Laminated float glass, tempered laminated float glass, clear PVB’s or colored PVB’s, Giga-Glas! can provide the customer with the right advice. Of coure this glass is produced according EN 14449.

The usage of bent glass – tempered or laminated – is growing in the industrial market. Giga-Glas! has realized several projects in the high volume market as well as in the low volume market. There are various types of bent glass possible when it comes to glass panels with or without screen, holes etc.


We can also engrave the glass UNDER the surface in collaboration with our partner company Yova Tech Design. Whether the normal glass, laminated or hardened, we master this very special engraving technique.


This method is particularly suitable for engraving photos and complex designs because it reproduces the halftone raster. As the treatment is long, it is recommended for decorations and display, external or internal.


Laser engraved glass

Giga-Glas! supplies all kinds of noise barriers for the bigger projects in construction. We can supply various bird-friendly glass types or the whole system including mounting the noise barriers. We developped several aluminium profiles to place the the noise barriers effectively besides highways and railway lines.


Because we provide the glass and assembly the noise barriers we can deliver this quick and against very competitive prices.



Noise barriers
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